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Christoph Cox

in conversation with Valerie Mindlin

"I'm interested in all the forces that liberate and constrict sound."


McKenzie Wark

in conversation with Ryan Mangione

"Trans women have never really had a consolidated, ongoing, well-documented, accessible, aesthetically varied, intergenerational, interracial culture."


Dan Graham

in conversation with Emmanuel Olunkwa

"My work is about staging and confronting our reality with fiction."


Tom Burr

in conversation with Blake Oetting

"I like to be both inside and outside."


Susan Schuppli

in conversation with Ricky Ruihong Li

“The ecological is a sensibility.”


Where the Skin Ends

by Quang Truong

"It’s too easy to be curious, but not optimistic; or optimistic, but not curious."


The Environmental Self

by Alexandra Tell

"Torture and therapy here are not antipodal."


Our Most Haunted Place

by Dawn Chan

"Simulation faced the same unceremonious end as its referent."



by Emmanuel Olunkwa

“We are forever circling the drain.”


Volume 2

On Architecture

Interviews with Dan Graham, Susan Schuppli, and Tom Burr; essays by Dawn Chan, Alexandra Tell, and Quang Truong, with an introduction by Emmanuel Olunkwa.

Volume 1

On L’informe

Rethinking contemporary aspects of the informe—related to technology, gender, disease, and race—in a Bataillean key through interviews with Matthew Barney, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, and Michael Taussig; a roundtable featuring Bruce Hainley, Ruba Katrib, and November editors; and essays on Black Bataille and the long shadow of catharsis.

Volume 0

Interviews 1-10

Adrian Piper, Frank B. Wilderson III, Christopher K. Ho, Sarah Schulman, Nell Painter, Ruba Katrib, Mimi Thi Nguyen, Mark Wigley, Howardena Pindell, and Hal Foster.