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November's mission is to enrich public discourse. With intimacy and rigor, November provides and encourages profound, diverse, critical responses to contemporary art and culture. November is a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization and a New York State registered charity.



Lena Dunham

in conversation with Emmanuel Olunkwa

"People sometimes thought I cared more about myself than I did."


Love and Rage: A Roundtable on bell hooks

with Lyle Ashton Harris, Dawn Chan, Ricky Ruihong Li, Parissah Lin, Darla Migan, Emmanuel Olunkwa, and Aliza Shvarts

“Not having moments to grieve is a combination of raced, classed, and gendered positionality.”


Dennis Cooper

in conversation with Ryan Mangione

“I was already the enemy to a lot of the activists, because I wasn't representing gays in a positive way.”


Three Poems on Art

by Yxta Maya Murray

"They stood around, laughing,
while drugs crumbled in their blood."


Hito Steyerl

in conversation with Emmanuel Olunkwa

“If I ever reached a milestone I would run away in horror.”


Sianne Ngai

in conversation with Alec Recinos

"We could say that the entire enterprise of art has a gimmick problem."


Anarchic Archive: Godzilla Roundtable

with Tomie Arai, Dawn Chan, Howie Chen, Ricky Ruihong Li, Lauren O'Neill-Butler, and Paul Pfeiffer

“‘Asian American’ identity may be a construction but the social and psychic life of racialized people in America is very real.”


Dodie Bellamy

in conversation with Lauren O'Neill-Butler

“My attention tends to focus on the micro, on what’s right in front of my face—be it a memory or on a screen or some fragile blip of the ‘real’—and I let associations spiral out from there.”


Knobkerry Roundtable

with Charles Daniel Dawson, Kyle Dancewicz, Carmen Hammons, Joanne Robinson Hill, Svetlana Kitto, Kathleen McDonnell, Seret Scott, and Ken Tisa

“The store was about conversations between worlds and how those conversations meshed together and only Sara could do that.”


Gregg Bordowitz

in conversation with Lauren O'Neill-Butler

"I decided to schmear my queer Jewish pinko self in schmaltz and go out and grease up the stage."


Elizabeth Diller

in conversation with Emmanuel Olunkwa

"I can’t think of architecture as anything other than a performative art form."


Volume 1

On L’informe

Rethinking contemporary aspects of the informe—related to technology, gender, disease, and race—in a Bataillean key through interviews with Matthew Barney, Carolyn Christov-Bakargiev, and Michael Taussig; a roundtable featuring Bruce Hainley, Ruba Katrib, and November editors; and essays on Black Bataille and the long shadow of catharsis.

Volume 0

Interviews 1-10

Adrian Piper, Frank B. Wilderson III, Christopher K. Ho, Sarah Schulman, Nell Painter, Ruba Katrib, Mimi Thi Nguyen, Mark Wigley, Howardena Pindell, and Hal Foster.